Everything to know about your environmental conditions and our products ENFORM and ENPORT.


Your account settings are absolutely private. Only you can see them. No external company, no HR or manager can access the data.

If the naming of the areas on your account settings page is not self-explanatory, please contact you manager or HR/feelgood worker. More information on the account setting might be in the video:

There are two ways to see you assigned area/Scient. The first one is in the environmental indicator in the header of the Enform Dashboards. But you also see the chosen area on your account settings page. There you can also reassign it, if you move to another office or meeting room. More information on the account setting might be in the video:

Areas can only be renamed by Enform Manager Users, which have access to the project settings page.

If so, click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the dashboard to access the project settings page. There all areas can be renamed or Scients being reassigned.

Your dashboard can send you push notifications. This will let you know when, for example, you should ventilate to improve the air quality or when it is important to turn on the lights in the office to relieve your eyes. You will also be informed by the dashboard when the optimal conditions have been reached again.

You only get these notifications if you leave the dashboard open in your browser and allow the dashboard to send you information when you log in for the first time. It is also best to pin the corresponding tab in your browser to ensure that you always know what the current environmental conditions are at your workplace.

Environment Score

The climate of an area/room is a broadly defined term. It is most dominantly defined by the values of temperature and air humidity. So, for example, a climate can be comfortable or uncomfortable at the same temperature, depending on the relative air humidity.

Your eyes can adapt to various lighting conditions, but our eyes and our brain have to invest a lot of energy to regulate and process, if the lighting is low. As this is very exhausting, we should ease the perception process by enough lighting.


The ISARVATION Scients are custom tailored, IoT sensor stations to measure multiple parameters of your close environment regarding air, climate and light and report them directly to our cloud analysis stack.

A Scient is small. It can sit on your desk or work space while being almost invisible.

It measures all parameters at least very 5 minutes and sends them to out ISARVATION Data Analytics Cloud.

Usually not.Every Scient is equipped with a battery that last for 3-6 month. We usually take care of charging or notifying you / your manager. If charging is necessary, the only thing to do is to plug in a USB cable to it. Charging is complete after a maximum time of 10 hours.


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